As the sun stretches its long, tired arms across the Gulf water and sky above – you start to get lost in the serene colors that lie before you. The waves calming your thoughts down with their melodic pendulum, the seagulls and pelicans swiftly move across the sky only to break when swooping down for a quick bite to eat.  

That reminds you – you have to eat too. But where? After the green flashthe sun will fizzle beyond the horizon and you’ll begin to wonder what’s for dinner?  

Just a few steps from our beach lies the coziest restaurant you can find tucked away on Sanibel Island – our very own Normandie Seaside Café. And, as the stars start to pop out above, you’ll find one of the best dinner deals on our Sunset Menu.  

Between 5pm and 6pm, our warm hospitality and cooking welcomes you to unwind from the day and enjoy your evening. We offer five excellent dishes, each coming with a small house or Caesar salad and a dessert choice of key lime pie or crème brûlée 

As for the main plate, we offer five great dishes for your liking. Our authentic pasta primavera with seasonal vegetables and fettuccine alfredo with chicken bring a delicious slice of Italy right to your table. Our shrimp scampi and blackened mahi-mahi bring that island flavor and are both favorites among locals on Sanibel. And, our freshly grilled salmon with wild rice is both a treat for our chefs who love to prepare and guests who order it.  

So, the next time you catch a Sanibel sunset, remember to head over to Normandie Seaside Café and catch a dish from the Sanibel Sunset Menu, too.  

(Sunset menu is available for dine in only with no substitutions allowed)